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Antonio & Mateo

Antonio (Reus, 1992) and Mateo (Montevideo, 1987) are two chefs with a long trajectory and a constant pursuit of learning in the world of gastronomy.

Together, they share their skills in creative avant-garde cuisine at Malparits in Badalona, an experience designed for sharing.

Both have worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, such as Celler de Can Roca, Mugaritz, Martin Berasategui, or Disfrutar, to name a few.

It was while working at the restaurant Disfrutar where we became friends and spent a few years planning our personal project, Malparits.

Experiences that time and maturity end up forging your own voice, which is what the Malparits Restaurant represents today, offering a unique culinary experience to its clients in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere.

With their passion and dedication to cooking, Antonio and Mateo continue to surprise with their traditional yet innovative dishes, their commitment to quality, and their clients’ satisfaction for a long time.

Antonio & Mateo

¿What do you like most about your work as a chef?

The satisfaction we feel when we see our customers enjoying the experience.

We like the challenge and effort that offering a creative and demanding menu like ours entails. We know it is a great responsibility.


¿What are your main influences in your cooking?

Our cuisine is definitely highly influenced by avant-garde, while not renouncing traditional Catalan cuisine and always from a fun perspective and respecting the product as much as possible.
Mediterranean cuisine and the quality of the products are a constant source of inspiration.

¿What are the 4 values that define you?

They are honesty, passion, commitment and undoubtedly teamwork.

¿What are your favorite dishes from the menu?

The two dishes that define us are the Malparits-style Roman squid and the Angus beef secret because we consider one more Mediterranean (Antonio) and the other more related to my childhood (Mateo).