Platos para compartir en Badalona

The Menu

We present you a haute cuisine proposal full of dishes or small bites to share.

The menu of Malparits has been carefully crafted with fresh and high-quality ingredients, inspired by avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine.

Each dish is unique and has been designed to stimulate the taste and sensations of our diners.

We present you a menu that is constantly renewed each season to always offer you the best of our surroundings.

Similarly, in Malparits we have a small selection of ecological wines, all from Cellers Catalanes, promoting local products. We are committed to not using plastic through the AguaLocal brand.

At Malparits, you will find a true gastronomic experience that will transport you to a world of unique flavors.

We begin

Coca bread with tomato

Natural oyster/ Tempura oyster

Olive foaccia anchovies and butter

Crispiy iberian with Cal Rovira’s sobrasada and honey

Olives marinated in vermouth

Malparits Croquettes

Cod fish rocks

Gilda of pickled mussels and barnacle

Shall we continue?


Puff pastry with aubergines and smoked sardines

Fish of the day tartar 

Scallops «tigre»

Leeks in tempura with mató mousse and capers

Beef treap empanadas with iberian ham

Roasted pumpkin with goat cheese and walnuts

Grilled octopus with chickpea hummus and pickles

Squid Malparits Roman style

Beef tartar with smoked eel

To top it off!

Grilled sweetbread with cauliflower couscous

Grilled Angus veal with garnish (500gr)

Rib of beef with glazed onions

Daily of fish: Charcoal or Meunière

Sweet ending

Black chocolate truffles 

Green tea and coconut truffles

Cocoa cake with coffee and sugared walnuts

Fried brioche with catalan cream(2 pcs)

Mango and white chocolate bites

Croissant toast with whipped cream

Rice puding Malparits