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Welcome to Malparits Restaurant, a charming place located in the beautiful city of Badalona.

In our restaurant, you can enjoy a gastronomic proposal inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, with surprising touches of our own.

Our dishes are designed to be shared, and we invite you to discover the emotions and sensations that they will awaken in you.

Come and let our duo of chefs surprise you with their creativity and mastery in the kitchen.

We are waiting for you with the plates served!

Restaurante en Badalona Malparits

Haute Cuisine

from neighborhood
Restaurante en Badalona

We want to distance ourselves from the traditional restaurant offerings in Badalona to offer you neighborhood haute cuisine in a format designed for sharing and creating unique sensations in our diners.

Our chefs are experts in preparing dishes that combine sophisticated flavors and textures, designed to be enjoyed in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere.

Do you want to discover why we are one of the most outstanding restaurants in Badalona?

The Menu

The menu we present is inspired by avant-garde haute cuisine and our Mediterranean tradition.

All our dishes are made with fresh, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients.

Every recipe at Malparits is carefully crafted with attention to detail to create a memorable gastronomic experience.

Our dishes reflect the rich history and culture of our coastal Mediterranean region.

Our menu is short but varied and is constantly renewed to offer you the best our land and sea have to offer in each season of the year.

We only offer you the best of each season: fresh and natural locally sourced ingredients to regularly offer you new dishes to try.

The Kitchen

Our dishes are a sophisticated tribute to the Mediterranean seafaring gastronomic tradition. An open menu to improvisation to offer a sea of «tapas» and carefully crafted dishes to be enjoyed in company.

Each of our culinary proposals will surprise your senses and transport you to a world of unique flavors and textures, becoming a true feast for the palate with every bite and dish.

We stand out for always using high-quality products and for being innovative in our dishes and their presentation.

Each one of them is designed to highlight and stimulate your senses, becoming a true feast for the palate.

Would you like to join us on a unique and original culinary excursion?

Don’t miss out on a table, and book now!

Restaurante en Badalona

Restaurante en Badalona Malparits

At Restaurant Malparits in Badalona, you’ll find a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere filled with delicious tapas, snacks, and dishes.

Our recipes fuse the traditional with a modern and creative touch, offering a unique culinary experience for the palate and the joy of the spirit.

At Malparits, we celebrate togetherness and the love for sharing good food with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Come and enjoy a world of unforgettable flavors and sensations in a casual and unpretentious environment.

Where to find us

We are located in a cozy and relaxed place near the beach in Badalona, in the alleys close to the Fisherman’s Beach.

In our space, which used to belong to the Fishermen’s Guild, we offer an informal and warm atmosphere for you to enjoy a high-cuisine culinary experience in an unpretentious and natural environment.

Our menu is inspired by avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine and is made with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

If you want to enjoy an authentic and delicious meal in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere near the beach, do not hesitate to visit us at Restaurant Malparits in Badalona.